Everything on this page requires a windows computer to run. Each program is intended to preform one highly specific action. They do not have a GUI. They deal almost exclusively in text. This is to be as distraction free as possible.

Each program is intended to provide you with an answer to a single problem as fast as possible. Need a quest for an RPG or filler in a story? One click, you have one. Need a good foundation for a fantasy or scifi setting? One click, you have one.

After the Bomb Character/NPC Generator - I love this RPG, but its character creation is 70% of the book. This program creates a character appropriate for the setting with one click. A godsend to GMs. It's an anthropomorphic post-apoc RPG, so you can also use this to make a fursona/furry wifu.

Generic NPC Maker - This program creates a random NPC for generic D&D. The character is very detailed. Name. Class (usually NPC classes, sometimes character). Level. Appearance. Age. Some history. Some life goals. Enough to instantly have a person to run in a game.

Hex Explorer - This program is a digitized version of the Sandbox Exploration rules for Pathfinder RPG. It takes the party's speed and type of terrain into account, and will tell you how long it takes to explore a 95 square mile hexical area (IE 12 miles corner to corner). It provides a list of noteworthy locations you can turn into adventures in the area, a list of skill checks the players can make to lean/do/find more things, and more on rare occasions.

Meep's Worldmaker - This is my magnum opus of programming. You click a button, and this program generates a lengthy text document that describes a world in detail. It isn't specific, it gives you a seed to plant and grow, but it includes biomes, type of planet, general history, tech level achieved, magic level achieved, details on the world's gods or lack thereof, everything you need for a foundation. This was coded in Python, but I lost the Python version. This is an EXE version created from the Python version. if you can turn it back into a Python version from this, I would appreciate that.

Post-Apock Loot - This program creates a list of items found within a location in a modern post-apock setting. Everything is fairly generic. This was inspired by games with crafting systems where you need individual nails and the like, and was used for a Zombie Survival Tabletop RPG.

Quest Giver Template - This is a simple bat file that is currently set up to give out a simple quest and reward for that quest appropriate for the Fallout universe. It's intended for use in sandbox TTRPG games. It's simple enough where anyone should be able to edit it and change what kind of quests it generates to be appropriate for any setting.

Random Encounters - This is a program that follows the Pathfinder RPG rules for random encounters during travel in a standbox game. It takes into account the party's speed, and the number of hexes they are traveling through and gives an appropriate number of random encounters. There is no way to input party level. Higher CR monster encounters are simply generated more rarely.

Starfinder Store Generator - This is a program that creates the entire inventory of a store for the Starfinder RPG. It woudl also be useful for sicfi novels. It's not very well designed internally in terms of programmer friendliness for editing, but you should be able to edit it to be appropriate for any setting.

Tavern Generator - This generates a text description of a fantasy tavern, including name, how the servers look, what's on the menu, the quality of the food, and interesting NPCs.

Wasteland Pony Generator - This is one of my more complex programs. Do you like Fallout Equestria? Do you need a character appropriate for that setting? This makes them, in more detail than most people will ever think to create. Name. Race. History. Occupation/Skills. Likes. Dislikes. Appearance. Favorite food. Good gift ideas. Myer's Briggs personality type... I went a bit overboard.

Weather Generator - A simple program that creates random weather via the Pathfinder RPG rules. It also reminds you of any rules relating to extreme weather.